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Bright Children Academy Bright Children Academy Bright Children Academy Bright Children Academy Bright Children Academy Bright Children Academy


Bright Children Academy is an ideal school for boys and girls run by Bright Children's Education and cultural Committee. It is a developing English Medium School of elementary standard for quality education with special emphasis on character building and personality development. Children will be imparted such type of instructions which may cultivate self-confidence, self-discipline, nationality, good habits and creative activities.

Aims & Objectives of the School

  • Our school's aim is "Work is. Worship". The pupils of this school are imparted such type of education, the process of which tends to train the complete man to the excellence of all his/her national and supranational faculties and talents so that he/she may prove a promoter of all things and act embraced by our motto.
  • To create qualities of initiatives, teamwork, self-reliance and competitive spirit among the students to build up a perfect character both in theory and practice.
  • To develop a sense of personal hygiene and proper physical development among the students.
  • To collaborate in kindred activities with other national and international organisations, associations or institutions with similar objectives.
  • To provide healthy education to the students with a view to developing, God fearing and worthy Indian citizens.


This institution is recognized by Govt. of Uttar Pradesh to give education on CBSE Pattern. The curriculum includes the teaching of English language and literature, Hindi, Sanskrit, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History Civics, Geography. Urdu, General Knowledge, Moral Science Art. and Craft, SUPW and Computer Studies.
In future this institution will be affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi.
The medium of instruction is English. For new students it is essential that they should have sufficient, knowledge of English spoken and written.
Children are also taken on picnics, excursions for their all round development. They are also shown educational and suitable feature films at regular intervals.

School Year

The school academic year during which children attend classes extends normality from April to March.


The teachers of the institution are all highly qualified and hold many years of teaching experience.
If any student should at any time have any difficulty in understanding particular things, he/she should contact his/her teacher and have the difficulties removed. The teachers are here for the benefit of each and every student.
Besides education, the teachers will encourage patience, perseverance, self-confidence, punctuality, discipline and respect in them.