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The official application form which is attached to the prospectus must be completed and got registered by paying Rs. 100/- as registration fee, which is not refundable. However, registration will not guarantee in dating a seat reserved. Admissions are granted to all the boys and girls irrespective of caste, creed or social status. The minimum age for admission in Nursery is 3 years at the time of admission. As for other classes, admission is on the basis of transfer certificate and entrance test.

  • Admission are granted purely on merit.
  • For admission, Registration, Test and Personal Interview are essential.
  • The date and time for registration Test, Personal interview and admission will be displayed on the 'Notice Board'.
  • Admission is possible if there is a vacancy in a particular class.
  • Parents/Guardians have to be abided by the rules and regulations are amendments from time to time. The school management is fully entitled to have any change regarding the instruction and direction.
  • Prospectus and application forms for Registration will be available from the school office.
  • Preference will be given to good players and to those who excel in co-curricular activities like debates, dramatics, music, dance and other social activities.

Payment of Fees

  • The total fee for the year should be paid in cash in four installments in the months appended as under.
    (i) April, May, June - in April.
    (ii) July, August, September - in July.
    (iii) October, November, December - in October.
    (iv) January, February, March - in January.
  • Anyone not clearing the fee in the given time will be charged a fine of Rs. 50/- per month.
  • Full school fee will be charged even if the student's joins in the middle of the month and pupils leaving in the middle of the year will have to pay the fee for the whole year.
  • Conveyance charged will be paid for twelve months.
  • A students will not be allowed to appear for examination unless all dues are paid.
  • Fee once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.


  • The examination will be held twice in a year on October and March. Consequently, two unit tests will be held on August and December.
  • An average of 40% marks in all the subjects is a must for promotion.
  • Attendance at Examination is compulsory.
  • Special arrangements cannot be made for pupils who absent themselves from the terminal examinations. A medical certificate should be produced in case of illness.
  • Progress Report shall be distributed on the specified date and time. Students must come to school and collect the same.
  • A student who takes or gives dishonest help at an examination will get the zero.

Leave Application

  • Every student must be present on the re-opening day after each vacation.
  • The school insists on regular attendance and punctuality If a student wants to take leave, he/she should send a leave application stating the reason for his absence.
  • The name of the pupil who remains absent without a leave application for one week will be struck off the rolls.
  • No student can leave the school premises during school hours without permission of the principal, which may be granted under exceptional circumstances, on the written request of the parents.
  • All entries of absence, late coming or half-day leave should be made in the diary and not on sheets or scrap paper.


  • The principal reserves to himself/herself the right to refuse admission to any student without furnishing any reason.
  • A student who fails twice in the same class may not be permitted to continue his/her studies in the school.
  • Performance, behavior and work of a student will ensure his/her admission every year. Unpunctuality, habitual idleness, disrespect towards teachers and bad moral influence justify dismissal.


  • A school leaving certificate will not be issued until all the fees are paid. Those who leave in April will pay the fees for May and June as well.
  • When student drop for takes admission in mid-session he/she has to pay all the general fees for the full year.